Required Documents

Your journey to Asia will expose you to wonderful and unique experiences.  The cultures, languages and governments of the countries you will be visiting are unique,  so pre-planning your trip is key.

Passports ~ You will need to hold a passport that is valid at least six (6) months past your departure dates.

Visas ~ Each country differs slightly.  We will prepare the documents you need to secure your Visa.  Our expeditor, VisaCentral is your best resource for maneuvering the documentation that is required. As a client of Sublime Asia, we will prepare the document(s) you need to submit.

  • China:  Requires a Visa
  • Japan:  No Visa.  Instead you will be issued a Visitor’s visa at your point of entry into the country
  • Hong Kong: No Visa
  • Myanmar:  Requires a Visa
  • Bali, Indonesia:  Requires a Visa

Flight Arrangements ~ Airfare to and from Asia is not included in the tour. Flights can be booked online, direct through your preferred airline or through your favorite travel agent. If you would like assistance bookings flight, our partner Airtreks, is happy to help.  Please mention that we are preparing a tour for you.

Travel Insurance ~ Travel insurance covering trip cancellation and interruption and medical emergencies is highly recommended. All too often, flight delays or cancellations, or an unexpected illness or injury, give travelers more memories than they bargained for. Travel insurance may help you be prepared for unexpected travel problems you may encounter before, during and after your trip. Please contact our partner TravelEx for more information.

**Please note that if you have pre-existing medical conditions, you must purchase travel insurance within the Pre-Existing Condition Waiver period. Please call your travel insurance provider if you have specific questions regarding coverage**