About China Advocates

China Advocates, founded in 1983 by Charlotte Xu and the late Howard Dewar, offers custom tours to China with a focus on Chinese art, culture, and modern life. We are the leading American organization developing high-quality China travel. We also offer select tours to Myanmar (Burma), Japan, and Bhutan.

We do not offer standard tour packages, and we are not a travel agency.

Rather, China Advocates is a specialty travel company that develops thematic tours based on our clients’ interests. Our sole focus is to create unforgettable itineraries that allow travelers to immerse themselves in the rich cultures and ancient landscapes of our destinations. China Advocates takes this experience a step deeper by offering opportunities to meet with local and well-known scholars, artists, cultural specialists, and spiritual masters.

China Advocates’ tours cover the arts, culture, modern life, and the environment; our themes range from explorations into traditional and modern art to spirituality, architecture, the people, and the legendary Silk Road.

We are the touring company of choice for American university alumni associations, art museums, and other professional and private groups. We also develop expeditions specific to exploring China’s natural wonders and wildlife for U.S.-based zoological societies.

China Advocates offers its services to the individual traveler and small private parties—including families—as well. Note, too, that some of our organizational clients have opened their tours to the general public. You are welcome to join these tours if space is available. (See our Group Tours page for upcoming itineraries.)

As a high-end tour company, China Advocates calls on the best hotels in locations that allow guests to explore the sights and sounds around them; we dine at quality restaurants and eateries where our clients can experience the local flavors and ambiance.

Our staff is at your service, in San Francisco and in China. It is our pleasure, and our legacy, to provide journeys that are treasured long after the trip is over.

This website provides an overview of what we offer for groups, individuals, and travel agents. Please feel free to call us at 888-333-2585 or email us at info@china-advocates.com for more information.